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Dogs with jobs need two to five times the calories required by a household pet. Working dog food supplies must provide extra calories and energy to these canine athletes. Dogs working in snow and rain will need extra calories to keep warm.

Nutritional requirements for all canines are the same. They need protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, and vitamins. Working dogs need extra protein and fat for extra energy. By-products contain high rates of empty calories. An active working canine may not be able to eat enough bulk to maintain a healthy level of nutrition and energy if fed a diet high in by-products.

Protein is the building block of good health. Good sources include meat, fish, and eggs. Fat is an excellent source of concentrated energy.
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They munch on soft grass shoots and eagerly eat the grain-filled stomach contents of prey animals. In moderate amounts, grains processed at high temperatures are an easy to digest carbohydrate providing a ready source of fiber and calories.

Vitamins play an essential role in regulating body processes. Vitamin C and E can replace artificial preservatives. Minerals build strong bones. The AAFCO, Association of American Feed Control Officials, sets standards for dog nutrition. Look for their seal of approval. This is a minimum standard. Your working dog will need more fat and protein.

The 1st ingredient in any dog food should be meat. Meat meal is simply dried meat with fat and water content removed and is an acceptable source of protein. Meat by-products should be avoided. These can be empty calories from hooves and hair that can’t be properly digested.

It’s necessary to do a little math to determine the protein actually available to your dog. To determine the dry matter subtract the water content listed from 100. Then find the guaranteed analysis percentage on the label, and divide this number by the dry matter percentage. Working dogs should eat a diet with 25-30% protein

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