Working Dogs: Siberian Huskies

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Dogs are always one of the best choices for pets considering that they are a man's best friend. There are a lot of dog breeds available and, sometimes, it gives you a headache what to choose from all the choices available. Nonetheless, you have to choose based on what you need your dog to be: a companion, a playmate, a guard dog, or simply just a house pet? There are also dogs that are considered as working dogs which helps their owners in doing certain chores. One breed on this type of working dogs are the Siberian huskies.

Siberian Husky History
Also called as Chukcha, Arctic Husky, or Keshia, it started out as a sled dog used by the Chukchi tribe in Eastern Siberia some thousand years ago. However, during the Alaskan Gold Rush in the early
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Character and Temperament
Some people tend to be afraid of a Siberian Husky considering that they can sometimes look very intimidating and fierceness. However, contrary to the usual first impression, huskies are not that scary at all. In fact, they want to become everybody's friend which makes them very unlikely to be a good watch dog. A Siberian Husky is also clever and adventurous, yet stubborn at times.
They love to go around the place and have high level of energy and is very active. When playing, they tend to make yowls, ululations, and whoops. They also shows frequent and elaborate attempts to escape by tunneling under walls or jumping over.
When it comes to temperament though, rest assured that you can trust a husky with children since they deal well with little totes. They also interact well with other huskies and it is even advisable that you own more than one husky so that they will have company when you are out as they do not want to be left alone. However, when it comes to cats and other small animals, you must take precautions and train your Siberian Husky to deal and treat other animals
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It has a round head with almond-shaped eyes. Its triangular ears stand erect and are definitely furry. Some of them have what we call "winter nose", which makes their noses pink on winter.
It is considered as one of the dog breeds that has a wolfish appearance. It also has an arched neck, furry and oval feet, and sickle-curve tail. Siberian huskies shed twice a year, and they have a dense and smooth undercoat. They have a coarse outer coat of straight and short hairs.
Siberian Huskies are also one of the pets that have the most tantalizing eyes that you can ever see. Their eyes can be green, hazel, brown, or blue. There are also some "bi-eyed" huskies where they have one blue eyes and the other one can either be brown or hazel. "Parti-eyed" huskies also exist once their irises are mixed with another color. As a matter of fact, they are only one of the very few and rare breeds to be commonly known as having blue eyes.

Husky puppies with blue eyes are definitely one of the coolest things that you can see when you are looking out for dogs. Once you see a dog with blue eyes, you will definitely think that it is cute. Hence, we are giving you this list of husky puppies with blue eyes for you to see how adorable these pups

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