Working In A Group: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Behaviors

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We get knowledge by doing studies, we get confidence and more knowledge by working with different kinds of people within the group. We also get different kinds of thoughts and behaviors by sitting with these different people. Working in different groups of people, gives us confidence and also more knowledge; however, people working in a group may not go well when there is an uncooperative member(s) who affects the group negatively. Not only is that one person affected in a negative, but all of the other students in that group are also affected. This ranges from the students'’ lack of concentration, witnessing bad role models and people might loaf around, even not getting the project completed. Working in the group do have many benefits, but the group need to clean of peoples who is trying to destroy the whole group. So that's why, I am against of the group project as an our prompt says. The first important thing that usually a group do is not paying…show more content…
This is the most common thing that students do during their project. Even though good students also get involved and they loaf around with bad role models with their bad behaviours. Grouping around with junk models, gets too much efficient is the major sign of witness. What happened? In the end they can’t get their project done, gets a bad grade, gets a referral and the good kids made bad image in their teachers eyes. As I said, a lack of concentration, witness and bad role models in group, loafing around, and in end project is not completed these are all the main reasons that a group project should not be have. And for me this is the bad project that anyone can have. Instead of a group project, we should have a project that we can to by our self, so we can’t get in troubled and also we can get extra time to think how I can make the best project, instead of thinking about how can I get involved in grouping and how can I get popular in

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