Working In A Nursery Profession

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As an apprentice working within a nursery profession, I have multiple responsibilities and duties that I need to carry out to ensure that the children I am working with are kept safe. Not only is it children I am in contact with I am communicating with other employees and parents of the children, therefore I have a duty to pass on relevant information. I work as part of a key worker team for the daily needs of children between the ages of birth to 5 years.

I have several main responsibilities that I need to ensure happen and are followed out to give the best possible outcome from working in a nursery and these are as followed:
- to give support to other employees within the nursery
- To play my part as a team in the nursery
- And to contribute
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Also, there is the policies and procedures that I can read up on at any time if I am unsure on anything in the setting and also learning text books that I have purchased myself and have received from previous students that are now qualified, I find this really helpful when writing up my coursework with the relevant information as it tells me what stages the children should be at and at the age that they should be meeting these targets. Lastly, I believe that there are a lot of staff around the setting that are more experienced and have the answers to some questions that I may ask and I find this really helpful because I am around them all day. For example, if I 'm setting up or planning an activity it means that I can ask the room leader on what the children 's next steps are and where they are in their development and how I can support this and show progress with the child and the staff members will go into so much detail to ensure I reach the potential that I am looking for and…show more content…
The individuals that will need to be involved is myself and a member of management who has the authority to discuss my coursework and work within the setting and be able to place targets with me for my development plan. This process will help and support me during my time doing my apprenticeship, and qualifying for my level 2 in childcare. There will be praises and also room for development which will both be discussed with a member of

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