Working In Textile Factories: Unsafe For Working-Class Families

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Working in textile factories was unsafe for working class families because of the work environment they had to work in. Many workers had bad experiences in their time of employment. In the document “Testimony of Joseph Hebergam to the Sadler Committee” it says “Sadler: Did he tell you the cause of your illness? Hebergam: He told me that it was caused by the dust in the factories and from overwork and insufficient diet…”. This quote proves that the factories were unsafe to work in because it caused illnesses and even lead to death. In the interview with Dr.Ward he said “ the state of the health of the health of the cotton factory children is much worse than that of children employed in other manufactories.”(House of Lords interview with Dr.Ward).…show more content…
Even Though people believed that children are safe enough to work in factories because of some interviews and articles produced at the time. For example the “Interview with Dr.Holmes” it said “They were in good health general… He employs 401 persons; and of the persons examined in 1796, 22 were found to be delicate appearances, 2 were entered as sickly, 3 in bad health, one subject to convulsions, 8 cases corofula; in good health, 363.”(Interview with Dr.Holmes). This quote supposedly says that it is safe to work in factories because 363 employees were healthy but they probably failed to document all injuries and death and just recorded the minor injuries , so it fails to show all the real dangers of factory life. Another quote used to defend that factory was safe is “Factory labour is fare, less injurious than many employments of civilized life.” This quote says it is safe because there are more dangerous jobs but the factory job is still dangerous for children to be working there. Also it fails to mention the difficult level for children to work there. This quote just proves there argument invalid. In conclusion, Factory Life was unsafe for working class
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