Working Life In The 20th Century

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Industrial revolution, which took place at the beginning of the twentieth century, has started changing the global society and developing the fundamental principles of working life. First conceptions and rules were created with the appearance of the first corporations and manufactories. Everyone knows that demand determines supply. Therefore, the growth of the demand was resulted in the increasing the number of corporations, and the fact that existed became bigger and bigger. Various machines appeared in order to help to satisfy the increasing demand, to improve working process, to make it more effectiveness with lower delivery time and better customers’ satisfaction as well as to allow avoiding duplicating of the documents and to make a better interaction between different departments, as a result, working life conditions smoothly changed. However, the industrial society was replaced with the post-industrial in the twenty first century, and technical development brought fundamental innovations and abilities not only to working life but also to the whole society. In this essay, I would like to follow the changes in working life, investigate current trends and give some expectations about the future.
Working life was one of the most volatile area in the last hundred years. According to the history of management, one of the first, who paid attention to working life conditions, and how they affect the productivity of an employee and the efficiency of the whole organization was
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