Working Mothers Development Essay

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Working mothers and children’s development
In the past, whenever a girl is born the family will be sad because they think that she will bring shame to the family and they don’t allow her to study or to work because as they believe that she is born to marry and have children in the future so the best thing for her is to stay at home with her mother and learning how to do the house duties. But women fight for their rights and they get them, after this they are more free and start going to schools and learning then attending universities and having careers but since they will get married and will have children they stop working to take care of their children and the father is responsible of the income but with time the needs of life are increasing
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Some mothers after giving birth had depression, which is called postpartum depression, in this case mothers feel guilty and worry about not being (PubMed) able to take care of their child and will be shy of talking about their feelings with others. This depression will lead to unhappiness and to a bad relation between the mother and her child and when the relationship isn’t well this will affect the development of the child because the time that the mother spends with her child depend on the quality of this time not on the quantity, when a mother has depression she won’t be able to take care of her child in the right way even if she spends all the day with him but if she is working outside the house she will return back missing her child and she want to stay with him and make a lot of activities with him which will be beneficial to him. And when the mother return back to work she will have more self-esteem because she have relationships outside the house and there is

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