Working Mothers Disadvantages

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A mother is the most important pillar of the house. In the past mothers just stayed at home and taking care of the family, rising their children and they were not allowed to work. Nowadays, the percentage of working mothers is increasing very fast. When choosing between staying at home and working outside, mothers tend to analyze what’s best for their children. This essay will discuss the both positive and negative implications of working mothers on their children.

Positive Implication 1
A working mother with some sense of accomplishment and satisfaction become an inspiration and provide positive role models for her children, who can taught them problem-solving and continued to be mentors long into adulthood. Many of the women spoke of the benefit of providing role models for their children – of both genders – when it came to working outside the home, commenting that “I want to be a career role model to my own daughter, just as my mother was to me”. (Cleo,n.d). Children who are raised watching both of their parents work are more likely to learn the value of working, have a great work ethic themselves when they grow up.

Positive Implication 2
The children of working mothers also encourage their kids become independent and responsible as they don’t find their mother at home all day long and thus they are left with no other option than doing their homework, breakfast and all such things of their own. Independence comes their way in manageable doses (Leslie,

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