Working Together To Safeguard Children Essay

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Task 1 They are manylegislation in place to help us safeguard our children. These are set in place to ake sure that the children to not come to any harm as well as to make sure that they have the best start to life and their education as we can give them by putting these in place we are making sure that the children are save at all times and make sure that they are being listend to and heard. The children Act 1989 is an act that is set in place to make sure that the child’s health and welfare are being looked after the correct way. This childrens act has put in five outcomes that everyone should stand by to help the children get the best start to their life .These five outcomes are: • Be healthy • Stay Safe • Enjoy and Achieve • Make positive…show more content…
Working together to safeguard children 2006- is a act that is set to make sure that all agency and support teams are doing the children right by making sure thar they are safeguard so the do not come to any hamr. United Nation Convention in the right of the child 1989- This is about children’s rights to be protected from abuse. Children have the right to speak and to be heard this is a childs right to put the points and views across when suspecting that they exposed to abuse. Local Guidelines, policies and procedures The local otheority have a massive role when making sure that the children are well looked after this policy is all about making sure that the children are not exaposed to abuse and that when or if theya re then things will be set up in palce to make sur that the harm wont come again. The role of the local safeguarding children boards (LSCB) is the head of all the agnevcy to make sure that all information is being shared to the right people when working on a safeguarding case or even when safeguarding a
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