Working Women In The 1930s Essay

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Are women and men ever going to be truthly equal? Men have always dominated over women throughout the years, this occurred greatly in the 1930s. In the 1930’s women had a very important role in the household, but they were limited when it came to careers and wages. Women had important roles in the family, while men usually worked. “In the eyes of society, unless a woman was single and self-supporting, she was supposed to be a homemaker” (Press). This shows that a woman’s job was at home taking care of her family. This also proves that men felt that women could not work outside the home. “.. Another of a mother’s jobs was to can and preserve as much of the surplus produce as possible for the winter months” (Press). Indicates that women had to find ways to save food to survive the harsh months. Also reveals that women had to stay calm and positive through tough times. Furthermore, women also had a hard time finding a job that will pay them well.…show more content…
“According to the social security administration, women's average annual pay in 1937 was $525, compared with $1,027 for men” (“Working women in the 1930s”). This illustrates the huge wealth gap between women and men. Shows that women not only worked long hours, but also were paid less. Eleanor Roosevelt noted, “practically every woman, whether she is rich or poor, is facing today a reduction of income” (Ware). Proves that even rich women were treated unfairly when it came to wages. This indicates that the industry felt that men should be getting paid more. In the 1930s, women did not had an important role in Careers and wages, they were mainly important when it came to the household. Even today, women and men are not truthly equal, men get paid more than women. Women have always had a problem when it comes to getting involved in the country. In the United States there have not been any women presidents yet. There needs to be a change in equality between men and

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