Workout Log Analysis

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This is what I was expecting from this chart because it show how my life is know. I like this exercise because it help me organize and see how well or bad I’m doing with managing my time. I can see I have an improvement with organizing my activities. Comparing my life before transferring to Rutgers University it was really bad. Every time I came from a class I went directly to bed and I didn’t take advantage of my time. This time I make sure that I have the enough hours to sleep and be full of energy to give the best of me. Now I have a schedule of the activities that I do during the day. It was a little bit difficult at the beginning to follow my schedule because I used to procrastinate too much. It was not difficult to find time to do my activities the only difficult part was doing it. Using the alarm of my phone help me remember and help switch to my next activity. The only activities that were hard to pin point are exercising, study/homework hours and classes. In exercises is very hard to know how much time I will last. Sometimes I exercises for one hours and sometimes I can only exercises for 30 minutes because I get tire to quick. During the cold weather I can’t exercises because I’m not used to it and I cannot control my…show more content…
No, it doesn’t matches with the diagram for my lunch I have been eating very unhealthy. I ate pizza that contain a lot of calories and fat. This could be very dangerous for my health. It increases my risk of getting high cholesterol and heart diseases. I have one week since I don’t meet with the diagram. I’m skipping three essential meals like vegetables and fruit that are full of minerals and vitamin that can help me prevent many diseases. The reason I don’t eat healthy is that sometime I don’t like the food and I see pizza like the main solution. There are so many option in the cafeteria were I can choose a healthy food. It’s very poor the amount of fruits I eat during the week is just one or two bananas and zero
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