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A complete workout routine for the strong and toned women
Trends for women has being evolving since forever, be it fashion, makeup, occupation anything. The image of women has changed all over these years too, gone are the days when women were supposed to be skinny and delicate. The 21st century woman is stronger and independent, they are not only mentally strong, but also are physically stronger and powerful. The popularity of workout programs for women is a proof that women can compete in every segment of world. A woman getting to the gym is a proof of the success of this new emerging trend. There are several special gym workout routines for women that a help shape and tone their body. You can find several workout plans for women on the internet;
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And there is nothing wrong with it expect for the fact that it cannot help you build your body. For body building it is important that you start strength training. Cardio exercises can help you lose fats and strength training exercises can help you build muscles, increase body density and gain strength. So along with your favorite cardio exercise you must start some training sessions too.
2. Following the right workout routine:
Body building and fitness is a complete science, you cannot just randomly start any exercise and think you will build a perfect body. Therefore you must strictly follow a workout plan. Workout plans for women as women have different body regions to target. You can either hire a professional trainer or you can follow any workout program for women available on the internet. You can also find both workouts in home or gym workout routines for women.
3. Not lifting enough weights:
As said before women have a misconception that lifting weight would make them muscular like male body builders. But in reality lifting weight can actually help you gain strength. Beginners can start their workouts with light weights while with time you must increase the weight. The use of weight, can double the effect of the workout. As a result you will see quicker improvement and better

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