Bullying In The Workplace Essay

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Workplace bullying is a phenomenon that is currently drawing considerable attention worldwide. Bullying can happen to anyone in any workplace and is more prevalent in the health care profession such as nursing. This phenomenon has appeared as a worldwide issue and identified to have impact on patient outcomes. It has been noted that it can harm the physical and psychological well being of nurses and may affect the organization as a whole in the long run. A culture of bullying where nurses work are likely to experience other negative work related effects such as low job satisfaction, decreased productivity, and lower morale. With this, it may result in different counsequences that threatens nurse’s ability to provide high quality care (Lowenstein, 2013; Broome and Williams-Evans, 2011). Bullying has been defined as: Repeated inappropriate behavior, direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise,…show more content…
While this is true, there is still a culture of silence in many institutions around the globe, perpetuating under reporting and insufficient and unproven interventions. Given the severe impacts of bullying in the nurse’s workplace and the management’s early intervention effects to the avoidance of such, it is important to study the matter and to maintain an intervention of high-quality that is sensitive to the Filipino workplace culture. With the lack of studies that focuses on bullying in the nursing workplace specifically in the Filipino nurses’ perspective, Escartin, et al. (2010) suggest that when dealing with workplace bullying it is important to know precisely what employees think constitutes “workplace bullying.” Workplace bullying among Filipino nurses and the disruptive behaviors associated with it must be identified and so as those interventions that are sensitive to the major features of the local culture must be highly
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