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4.3.1 Workplace Learning: The Experiences of Lecturers Engaging in Informal Learning.
The main theme for the overall experience of the lecturers engaging in informal learning is workplace learning means lecturers are learning in their place of work, university. They were engaging themselves in informal learning in informal learning when they need hungry for some new knowledge, skill or experience which about their career. For example, E1 has been mentioned that he learns informally every day at his workplace when he is desired to get extra knowledge, skill and gain experience to be the professional lecturer.

For me, I learn in workplace, I learn every day. Honestly, I want to be an expert in my career. I think I learn informal learning in
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The related finding is separated by two theme which is the perception towards informal learning and the definition of informal learning. Perception.
The themes of the perception of informal learning are unstructured learning, unplanned and self-directed learning.
Unstructured learning. Based on the findings of this study, one lecturer said that informal learning is unstructured learning. For example, E1 has stated that informal learning is known as people learn with an unstructured menu.

Well to me informal learning is when u learn in an unstructured menu, you don’t have any structure … (E1)
This result was supported by Eraut (2004), he claims that informal learning has been perceived as unstructured learning which comes closer to the informal end of the range of formality. Moreover, based on the past finding of Yanchar & Hawkley (2015), informal learning has been defined as unstructured learning. Then, Marsick & Volpe (1999) are mentioned that informal learning is “predominately unstructured, experiential, and noninstitutional” (p.4). Likewise, this study found that unstructured learning as part of contextual data about informal learning by the lecturer in their workplace which unlike formal learning are setting in a structure for people learn. The unstructured menu is an important perception of employees towards informal learning
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Moreover, Hodkinson (2005) are mentioned informal learning is “unplanned, incidental, unassessed and uncontrolled by a teacher, and take place in everyday life” (p.114). Furthermore, Bear et al. (2008) are found that the workers are taking place informal learning with casual and unplanned encounters. Likewise, this study also found that informal learning known as in the context of unplanned learning. Informal learning is spontaneous and casual learning activity so that the learning can incidentally happen and process with unplanned by the learner. In short, informal learning can be perceived by taking place without learning goals
Through the evidence of previous study and the current study, employee learns informally with the unstructured menu is an important perception for the employee. In conclusion, the organization could be able to stimulate active employee participation and create meaningful learning opportunities and knowledge creation at work for employees through understanding their employees’ perceptions of engagement in informal learning experiences is an unplanned

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