Workplace Security Plan Essay

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Every workplace security plan should begin with a thorough assessment of the facility, existing security procedures and potential vulnerabilities. Businesses should use the information gathered from that assessment to craft a plan that will not only deter threats but also mitigate risks in the event of an incident of workplace violence.

The assessment should begin with a physical survey of the workplace. As you walk around, answer the following questions:

Where could someone enter the building?
Is that entrance secured in any way?
If it is, where could someone hide to sneak in behind an employee legitimately entering the building?
Is the employer in a shared space with other businesses or in its own building?
If it's a shared space, does the
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Many facilities contract with security companies to provide guards. These guards tend to focus on screening and assisting building visitors.
Address how to secure particularly vulnerable areas. These include locations where visitors can enter freely or with little scrutiny. This might be the waiting area in a doctor's office, the lobby of a law firm or the loading dock of a trucking company.
Conduct a periodic review of security measures. The review should ensure that doors are closed or locked as needed, that locks are functional, and that guards are properly screening visitors. For example, sometimes doors designed to keep intruders out don't close completely, rendering their locks useless. Employees may not report this because they appreciate the convenience of not having to use their keycards. A periodic review can identify these issues and determine how your security plan should be modified to address them.
Devise a plan for communicating with employees in the event of a security emergency. If a visitor turns violent, or a fired employee returns to retaliate, what doors will you lock? How will you warn employees to seek cover? Where can they go to not only avoid harm but to

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