Workplace Stress Case Study

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Job Title: Manager of Rachel’s Meat and Deli
General Description (Purpose and Function):
Manages and coordinates the daily operations of the combination meat/deli/convenience store. Maintains the budget and coordinates all operations, including supervising all staff and ordering of products and food to maintain appropriate stock for deli, meat counter, and convenience store items. Trains staff as needed.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Manages daily operations and performance of the staff to ensure all departments are well stocked, clean and maintained in an appropriate manner. Oversees, evaluates and monitors the job performance of all staff, trains new staff as needed.
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Answer the following question:
Do you agree with the following statement? Explain your reasons.
Finding ways to manage workplace stress is about focusing on the one thing that’s always within one’s control: us. It is important to remember that as an Entrepreneur you will be a role model for your employees.
Yes I do agree with that statement and please let me explain. I started on a self improvement journey several years ago (When I was about 40) it all started when I was actually listening to a (primarily) sex therapist on the radio and she made me realize, that I am in control of my thoughts and actions.
She described techniques to help keep yourself calm and gave me a better perspective on life, for example, some of us have a tendency to think that everyone is conscientiously aware of what others are doing to impact our lives. A Prime example: One day I heard a cook at work accuse my boss of trying to make their lives hard by planning an especially difficult menu to feed the kids (I work in administration for a school in the cafeteria department). The cook said “Are you trying to wear me out and make my day difficult?” My boss replied “Of course not I am just trying to plan a menu the kids will
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Subsequently, I realize that whoever left me the work in my chair just wants me to see it first thing and the person that didn’t flush, simply forgot. Instead of getting angry and irritated with something so inconsequential I have been able to brush it off and not let it bother me.
Please note that In order to fully answer the above question you will need to list at least two successful strategies in managing stressors in your professional life-so, be ready to disclose and use the knowledge accumulated in this module.
Scenario 1; I speak to parents quite frequently, one of my jobs is to verified the information submitted on applications for free and reduced meals is correct, consequently, I encounter some hostile people at times. One day the phone rang and I had a lady that told me her child shouldn’t owe any charges on their account because they were free. I pulled the application and checked and the application was dated and approved September 1 and the charges were from the previous week. I then explained that the charges were from the previous week and we couldn’t take them off because they were made before any benefits were approved. The benefits
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