Stressors In Nursing

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Health care careers like nursing are meant to be all about taking care of the ill and the hurt, to show compassion to others that need medical care. Nurses go into their career because of their passion to help and heal the sick. Although nurses are compassionate caregivers, they also cope with a variety of workplace stressors, many of which can lead them to demonstrate less than effective emotional responses at any given time (Littlejohn). There needs to be a substantial change to prevent these stressors from causing such a burnout in the nursing field such as adding more staff to help, to the prevention of the older nurses bullying the younger incoming nurses.
An example of causing stress to nurse’s would-be Ascension which is one of the
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This can be seen a lot in hospital settings where it is either nurse on nurse or even nurse against doctors. Physicians can at times regard other members of the health care team as less competent or perhaps even incompetent, weak, and vulnerable, seeing themselves as champions for their patients because they have been to medical school (Littlejohn). Many nurses have accepted that workplace violence is a part of everyday work life for them. Meaning instead of teamwork the older nurses look down on the new nurses and instead of teamwork and helping each other out, they let them fail and fall on their face. Workplace violence can cause harm that you might not even think of on a nurse in dealing with a situation that escalates very quickly leaving them afraid to go to work and leaving emotional and maybe even physical marks. For example, picture a couple gets admitted to a cardiac unit, and the patient is being well cared for but their partner that is staying with them doesn’t have the same feeling. So now let’s say the partner becomes very upset about this feeling that is boiling inside him and convinces their partner to leave against medical advice. Adding to the troubling picture this the partner becomes more and more aggressive with staffing and by the time the patient is ready to walk out of the hospital the partner makes a remark along the lines of coming back to the hospital and shooting up the place before being escorted out by security. Now in this scenario situation, you have an entire floor of nurses and an entire hospital that is worried about someone coming back and attacking the hospital and at the same time, they are still expected to do their job and take care of their patients just as they normally would. Especially in today’s world with problems like these becoming more and more problematic and occurring

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