Workplace Violence In The Workplace

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Workplace violence can be interpreted as brutal acts aimed toward persons at work or on duty. Workplace violence is any corporeal assault, intimidating behaviour, or verbalized abuse occurring in the work setting. A work setting is any place, either permanent or temporary, where employees perform work-related duties. Workplace violence spans widely from offensive to threatening language homicide. Before anything else, however, we must consider why these events occur in the first place and how the nurse manager plays a part in dealing with such violence.
There are various reasons why violence happens in the hospital, it is most likely those patients who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are unlikely to adequately handle their emotions and behaviours. Patients with head contusions are not able to control their behaviours which can be impetuous and violent at times, when a death occurs. Anger takes the place of anguish and sadness which can be directed at hospital staff or other visitors. Elongated waiting times and delays can cause violence and when waiting and anxiety combine, the outcome can be irritated and angry patients and family members, the same can result
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The Nurse manager need to create and maintain supportive work environments where respectful communication is the norm, organizational policies are followed, and incident reporting is efficient and blame-free. Individual nurses should intervene when they witness aggression among their colleagues, recognize factors that may predispose patients to becoming violent, and report all incidents of violence. The Nursing manager must include workplace violence prevention and conflict management in the curriculum and prepare professional nurses in the prevention, assessment, and management of aggression in patients, visitors, and

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