Workship Experience

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Palm Beach Atlantic University students I would dare to say have it harder than the average college student. College is hard regardless but on top of school work PBA students have chapel and workship requirements in additional to other life responsibilities. Surprisingly, unlike most PBA students, I didn’t find workship to be a burden. My high school required me to complete community service hours and I easily doubled the amount required from 100 to 200 hours in 4 years. However, PBA’s requirement is higher than my high school 's was and at times it did cause stress. Aside from the occasional stress, I learned a lot about servanthood and servant leadership. I became passionate about the nonprofit sector of Public Relations, which is my major and decided that no matter what I was going to live a life of service. The Bible emphasizes being…show more content…
Any organization that aids the homeless will forever have my heart. Throughout my workship experience at PBA I have been blessed with the opportunities to work with the homeless, the orphaned and inner city youth on professional and personal levels. I have engaged in conversations with some of the homeless women in Palm Beach County through my volunteer work as a Social Work Intern at The Lord’s Place’s homeless women housing program Burckle Place. Some of those women are still my friends to this day. I’ve also had the chance to work with inner city youth at an aftercare ministry called Urban Youth Impact where I served as an academic and career mentor, as well as use my Public Relations education to help an orphanage located in Haiti through Habitat for Children Ministries, gain publicity and gather donations. I’ve also worked with other organizations but those were the ones that I worked with the longest because I felt called to be there longer and to work
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