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World changers is a worldwide mission effort helping those who need a helping hand around their home. World Changers is an organization to where churches all across the states and beyond come together to many different cities and help out the residents of a community. Not only does World Changers build ramps, clean yards, and paint fences; World Changers also shares the message of Jesus Christ through the Gospel. I have had the privilege to go to Fort Pierce Florida this past summer and it was a trip that I will never forget. World Changers is a Mission trip that is definitely a wakeup call to show others and myself how blessed we truly are. World Changers is a mission trip that will forever make an impact on your life. One situation that I will never forget is when my church worked in a community called Fort Pierce, Florida about 2 hours away from Orlando. Since World changers’ main focus is to share the gospel, we were told to walk around the neighborhood after we finished painting our house. My Crew chief gave me printed crosses that had a summary on how to accept Jesus into your heart. As my crew members and I began to walk around the neighborhood we began to see people. I went up to a man asking if I could hand him a cross and explain to him who Jesus was and what we were doing, he took the cross out my hand, scolded me up and down and said “No thanks, I know who is my God.” As a seventeen-year-old, that stumped me on my toes. I was not expecting that answer, and it infuriated me knowing that I didn’t get the answer that I wanted. I smiled and said “okay,…show more content…
I am so grateful that I went to Fort Pierce, because I planted a seed of hope for that lady and others. That World Changers trip was a huge blessing to me, and I will never forget that young lady and my experience there. I strongly encourage people to go, it will change their look on life
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