Social Justice Definition

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February 20 was declared World Day of Social Justice by the United Nations in 2007 and observed worldwide for the first time in 2009. Annual observance aims to bring to worldwide attention the great need to eradicate poverty, promote gender equity, enhance employment opportunities and provide greater emphasis on social well-being and justice. Social justice helps to promote peace and security within nations as well as between nations. Eradicating poverty is the cornerstone to empowerment. Many issues lie behind poverty—lack of education, inequality, prejudice, corruption and exploitation.

What Is Poverty?

Development organizations, aid agencies and governments often define poverty in relation to wealth and income. In the United States, poverty
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The World Health Organization uses a broader definition that includes lack of access to basic needs and services including health care, education, food, clean drinking water or shelter. Because the poor often lack access to basic human services and facilities, they have a higher risk of becoming ill or suffering from disabilities. The poorest in any nation have the worst health.

Mother Teresa expanded the definition of poverty to include intangibles that affect human well-being and security. She expressed that lack of love, lack of compassion and the feeling of being unwanted are the greatest diseases and evils in society today. This indifference and dearth of regard for others affects people of any income level in all corners of the world.

Subtle Barriers to Social
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encourage parents and community members to volunteer. Some schools use volunteers in the classroom or as tutors. Other schools invite professionals to talk about their jobs and what they did to become qualified. Vocations span a range of interests such as auto mechanics, graphic designers, chefs, engineers and unusual professions like archeologists.

2. Donate time and services. Donating time may help an underfunded non-profit better deliver its programs. Many companies support employee volunteer programs that provide services to non-profit organizations throughout the world. Some companies provide a per-hour monetary match for employee volunteer hours. In this way, a charity gains expertise and commitment from the volunteer as well as financial support.

Although volunteering on a regular basis helps a non-profit in allocating day-to-day work load to staff, organizations often need volunteers for special initiatives. Fund drives, capital projects and special events all need community volunteers to ensure a successful
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