The Mongols: The Secret History Of The Mongols

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World Domination, is it possible? Well, it 's certainly not impossible cuz it has almost happened before a few times. One noticeable time was in the 13th century when a small tribe from the grasslands of central Asia conquered much of the known world. This tribe later became known as the Mongols. Mongols warriors swept across much of Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Their territory extended from Korea to Poland, and from Vietnam to Syria. The Mongols were considered barbarians. For the ancient Greek, “barbs” simply means foreigner. By the 1200s the term was used as a much more negative term referring to the people that lived beyond the pale of civilization, people were savage, evil. The Mongols never stayed in one place, they moved around conquering lands.…show more content…
They lived on easily movable tents called yurts. The Mongols did not like the lifestyle of working on farms, they believed that life on a horse is better. “The Secret History of the Mongols” is a early mongol text that that tells a story of the first leader that made the Mongols the brutal, savage barbarians they are well known as today. Calling someone barbaric is risky because it has various outlooks on it, it’s similar to the word civilization, when do we know a settlement is considered a civilization, when do we know when a tribe is barbaric? How Barbaric were the barbarians? I believe that the Mongols were not barbaric, to some extent. The Mongols were just a sophisticated/ advanced society. The Mongols had strict loyalty, Military tactics, and a Central

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