World Health Organization Case Study

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World Health Organization (WHO) is a organization of health experts. WHO makes guidelines for public health issues for the whole world. Health promotion is a key issue in WHO. WHO also promotes health research. (WHO 2014b.) 194 countries are included in WHO. WHO provides counseling in health issues for countries if needed. (WHO 2014c.) WHO´s main targets are universal health coverage, infectious diseases, increasing access to medical products, social, economic and environmental determinants, noncommunicable diseases and Health-related Millenium Development Goals. (WHO 2014b.) WHO works in catastrophe areas and help people who suffers because of a war, like now in Syria. WHO makes very important job all over the world for health issues and are…show more content…
You have to have special knowledge in health, high education, good language skills and much of experience. When I graduate as Master of Health Sciences, I hope I have broad knowledge of health. In Health Promotion we study issues of health policy and health equity. One of the goals of Health Promotion aligning studies are to participate in the public discussion of health promotion and health policy. WHO is been handled in several curses during the studies, so it´s actions will come familiar during the studies. Postgraduate specialization in work or doctoral degree would be an advantage on applying for a job from WHO. I would also have to work with my English skills beforehand. I unfortunately don´t have skills in those second languages. I think my strength would be in teamwork, which I have been practiced in my current job as a registered nurse. Some international work experience would be a good thing when applying a job from WHO, or at least work experience for example from National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland. Working in WHO would be a dream for me, but I understand that the requirements are high. International work is very interesting option for me in the future. One of the reasons for me to apply to study Health Sciences was to get international working experience. At least I will apply for practical training abroad and one of the targets may be WHO. You never know where it does lead. Regardless of the training place, my language skills would be improved. A job in the WHO would be very interesting and there would be a change to influence in international guidance of health. I think it would be a job that really have relevance and

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