World History Observation Essay

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Observation This ninth grade World History course is taught by Mrs. Price, a teacher who is seasoned in the History department, however, new this semester to the subject of World History. While observing this classroom, it is clear that the lesson is aligned with the North Carolina Essential Standards for World History, focusing on WH.H.2.2 Types of Government, and WH.H.2.8 Class Systems. The Ancient Greek Democracy lesson details the relationship of government to the progression of civilization. The essential question for this lesson states; what political factors lead to unity within an empire which focuses on understanding why Greek City-States contributed to making the empire week. Class began with a warm-up activity, comparing and…show more content…
By using graphic organizers, Endacott and Brooks state “when the affective component of historical empathy has been emphasized and examined, students have demonstrated various forms of care for the subjects of their study.” Along with enabling students with historical empathy strategies, the history professional learning community must focus on building literacy skills by using common reading and writing techniques such as close reading and comprehension skills. As a professional development opportunity, the teacher will spend time in the English Department’s learning community to gain relevant reading comprehension strategies. Feedback Once the walk-through document is submitted, teachers receive instant feedback. This email is often followed up with a clarifying conversation if either party feels it necessary. At this time, our walkthrough plan does not include a built-in post conference opportunity. As an instructional leader, I make a point to follow up with a brief conversation that allows for clarification. In the future, we hope to conduct a needs assessment through or school improvement team in order to strengthen our walkthrough system as self-reflection is a necessary future step if we want our teachers to improve. Personal Response and
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