World In 6 Glasses

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A History of the World in 6 Glasses, by Tom Standage is a great book that relates past history to the twenty-first century. The book shares how a few of the most popular drinks today, were helpful during the course of history. The drinks include, wine, beer, cola, tea, spirits, and coffee. The wine was used as an export of trade which brought in a lot of Greek culture. Beer was used in egypt in order to pay wages, because it was an important aspect to many of the civilians. Cola was extremely important in history because it was the symbol for globalization. Tea was very popular in Britain which eventually led to having effects on the foreign policy. Spirits had an impact on exploring, where many civilians would take voyages. Lastly, coffee, this drink was very popular which made many coffee houses the center of trade. The thesis statement to this book is looking at the six different drink and seeing how the importance of them started within culture, and the development they have had.
Tom Standage was very unbiased when writing this book. The book shares more facts and intellectual stories, rather than an opinion of what happen. Standage wanted to get across the point of how these six drinks had a large impact on the history of the world. He makes the best attempt to not imply
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I knew that beer was considered an holy drink, but I was unaware that it started in the Fertile Crescent. While reading this book I gained a lot of knowledge that I did not know before. Each drink related to each other, and goes in chronological order of how it helped. All of the drinks deal with culture, political, or economic movements that have influenced the world to how it is now. The author was able to change my perception of the content by showing how such minor detail can have a huge impact on the
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