World Literature: The Importance Of Literature In The Modern World

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The term World Literature is used to define a sum or body of work in various forms one can possibly imagine from many nations and widely recognized throughout the world. Conventionally, literature means a form of works produced through different periods, different cultures, any languages existed written by people for so many reasons. It richly consists spiritual and moral values, cultures, religions, lifestyles, traditions, morals, knowledges, history, issues and events real or fiction, facts such as biographical, ideology, teachings, one’s opinions, holds and beliefs.
The emergence of writing has greatly contributed to the world’s civilization, development, erudition also other aspects such as politics, wars, values and virtues, histories and so forth. Literature can go as far from the national level and up to international level. It has the power to break the barriers and go beyond realities and limitations which tackles the creativity and imagination in people. Apart from that, living in the globalized 21st century world today,
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It is almost impossible to avoid communicating when it comes to living in a community as it is a necessity for surviving the world today. Reading literary work will enable one to improve his mastery of language as well as grasps and develops new ideas when encountering new words. Literary materials are one of the biggest language device, rich with words full of virtues, morals, lessons as well as guidelines. This will aid one to expand his vocabularies, gain knowledges and insights and utilize it while communicating with others, both verbally and written form. Analyzing literature results in discussions and arguments which will directly and indirectly improve one’s ability in speaking competence as well as countering issues such as social problems, lack of confidence in mingling with others also
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