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Mexico has been traditionally among the most visited countries in the world according to the World Tourism Organization. The nation's temperate climate and unique culture – a fusion of the European and the Meso-American – make Mexico an attractive destination. The most notable attractions are the Meso-American ruins, cultural festivals, colonial cities, nature reserves and the beach resorts. Would not you like to walk into a cantina (spanish word for bar) and say !Una doble tequila, por favor! , while listening to Mariachi music? There are other great reasons to visit Mexico.Here they are:

1. Food:
Is there a major city in the world that doesn’t have a Mexican restaurant? Every region brings its own distinct traditions. Mexican food is both
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Culture: From the Aztec and Mayan temples to the colonial traditions and the modern art of people like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, it is a deep and fascinating well. The textiles are beautifully hand-woven and the people here use clothes and patterns as a form of communication. Chiapas isn't one of Mexico's most traveled areas, and there's plenty of opportunity to explore beneath the surface. Most people think of Mexico as the land of margaritas and maracas, but it has one of the richest cultures in the new world.

3. Architectural ruins:
Mexico City is built over the remains of the legendary Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. In 1978, maintenance men from a local electrical company were doing routine excavation work to the north-east of the Zocalo. What they discovered was a huge stone disc (3.25 metres in diameter) engraved with the dismembered figure of Coyolxauhqui, the Aztec moon goddess. Subsequent archaeological digs have unearthed more than 7000 objects and part of the enormous Templo Mayor, an important religious structure in Tenochtitlan. Also, Thousands of pyramids dot its landscape, with the most famous near Tulum and Mexico City. You need to visit the pyramids of Teotihuacan and Guachimontones. To begin to comprehend the knowledge and vision it took to construct these will take your breath
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Lesser known internationally is tequila's relative, mezcal, derived from the maguey plant and possessing a strong smoky flavour. Dedicated mezcal bars known as mezcalerias are a growing trend in Mexico City and Condesa's La Botica leads the pack, with an underground vibe featuring tin tables and handwritten menus on pieces of cardboard. I'm a huge fan of these truly Mexican spirits. And it takes a trip to Jalisco and Oaxaca to begin to understand the depth and variety of flavor that tequila and mezcal afford. Shake off your awful memories of getting drunk on Cuervo as a teenager and begin to explore the quality of real 100% agave-made tequila. You'll leave the hangover at

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