Evolutionist View Of Euthanasia

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Introduction: Euthanasia being granted for young children has been debatable for a long time between different world views. Many moral and legal disputes occur because this is such a delicate topic. Countless questions has been asked around this issue. Is euthanasia apt? Or is it immoral? A way to cognize is to have perspective, through different worldviews on euthanasia. According to Hiebert (2008) “there is no single definition agreed upon by all”, but there are many definitions and theories that creates a model from where we perceive a definition of worldview. “A worldview (or vision of life) is a framework or set of fundamental beliefs through which we view the world. This insight need not be theoretically deepened into a philosophy;…show more content…
They believe that the universe was instinctive through an interstellar accident. This results in the disbelieving of a creator or higher power to which they give reason. In conclusion they have no definitive reason for any action to be morally right or wrong. The view of evolutionists’ against euthanasia can be seen as a form of evolution. The children that are granted euthanasia are seen as vulnerable and this contributes to the assumption of this process being evolution. So they state that this is only a natural form of evolution where the strong survives and the weak dies (Hunter, 2010). But some evolutionists disagree that euthanasia is just another development of evolution. They state that euthanasia is completely wrong, since it disagrees with evolution. They say that evolution has caused the development of empathy which led to the improvement of reproduction (Hunter, 2010). This entails that evolutionists may share different opinions whether it is right or wrong to grant euthanasia to a child. They all may think of a different reason to believe in this moral, but since they have no origin of basis in morality, they cannot distinguish whether euthanasia is wrong or right. If they assert to be moral, they are actually consciously regarding the Christian…show more content…
This topic is regarded as a very sensitive topic because as there is seen in the other world views, there is no definitive answer whether euthanasia is right or wrong considering one’s own opinion. My opinion on the matter is that I believe that euthanasia, being granted to children, should be legalized. I’m a Christian and my own worldview consists of a combination of different worldviews which I combined to form my own belief. According to my opinion euthanasia is morally right, but it should only be granted in extreme cases where the condition of the child is dire. My world view has influenced me to be a compassionate and empathetic person. This ignites my belief that euthanasia for children should be legalized. Many people regard euthanasia as morally wrong, because they see this as murder. However I feel that if euthanasia is granted to a child, the right procedures should be followed. Firstly, the child needs to be in a mentally fit state to approve this agreement. Secondly, the parent or guardian also needs to give consent to this agreement. A registered doctor and psychiatrist/psychologist of the patient should also approve to the
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