World War 1 Dbq Essay

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World War 1 was an atrocious war that caused millions of deaths and hundreds of billions of dollars in reparations. World War 1 lasted from 1914 to 1919 and rudimentarily, was the fight between the Allied powers and the Central powers. The Allied powers consisted of France, Great Britain, Russia, and Belgium while the Central powers consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. All countries had some participation and damage done throughout World War 1, and the countries who started the war may be obscure. However, there are some countries that can especially be picked out for their contribution and cause for the war. Of course, every country who participated in the war had some sort of reason. Although it wasn’t a single country…show more content…
The third reason why Germany caused World War 1 is because Germany had the opportunity to start a war that would gain them land. Germany was an industrial powerhouse, and once again Document C shows that Germany had the most money to spend on armies and navies. With Germany spending approximately 115 million British pounds, exceeding Russia 's 90 million British points spent on armaments, it can be inferred that Germany took this opportunity to start a war. Germany knew that a war would help them gain land and remove their burden. Using Austria-Hungary 's war, Germany definitely had the opportunity to side with Austria-Hungary and obtain Russia to relieve their burden. As a result, Germany increased a war to themselves because they could use their neighbor 's war as an opportunity to spread across. Therefore, Germany caused World War 1 because they used the opportunity to increase the war in order to gain more land. In the end, all countries had some participation and thus, were a “cause” of World War 1. Germany transformed the small war into a widespread and massive war. Of course, all the rest of the countries was still major contributors to the cause of the war, but they weren 't as conspicuous as Germany. All were to be responsible for the war, and all should be paying the price. After so many lives spared and damages, in the end, maybe it wasn 't worth for such of a large scaled war to happen; but it is still important to analyze the possible causes in order to alleviate future
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