World War 1 Failure

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There was a myriad of impacts on Canada during and after World War One, most seen in politics. This was because the military, economic, and social factors were dependent on political.


At the start of the war, Canada 's military failed. More successes later in the war led to a rise in nationalism. The most prominent failure, though not the first battle, was the Battle of Passchendaele. Not only was the military aim not met, but there were almost 16000 valuable lives lost. Earlier in the war, the Battle of the Sommes was also somewhat of a failure. Again, the military goal was not achieved, and there was a bad strategy in use. Although a gory battle, Canadians were able to learn a lesson on advancing technology. The last but definitely not the best battle was the 100 Days Offensive. Nationalism skyrocketed due to the Canadians in charge, and since it led to the end of the war. Finally, the
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As more men began to enlist, women stepped in to take their place. Due to their vital roles in the workplace, they were able to gain more independence. In order for Robert Borden, former prime minister of Canada, to pass conscription, the 1917 Military Service Act was passed. Mothers, wives, and daughters of soldiers had the right to vote. Not only did their rights change, but their fashion as well. Long skirts and hair were no longer considered beautiful, but a burden. The conditions of factories were inadequate with several safety hazards that caused this change. When the war was over, there was evident racism towards ethnic minority groups with the head tax and the 1919 Immigration Act. Furthermore, the treatment of Ukrainians never changed. This shows that Canada 's mindset towards other races was not at its ideal point yet. To sum up, more government authority was beneficial towards women but detrimental towards
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