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Kelsi Monroe April 1st, 2017 5th Period World War 1 FRQ The world's most famous turning point in history is World War 1. The first war of the world's included industrialized countries such as Britain and France. These allied countries fought against power hungry nations such as Germany and Austria-Hungary. The main causes of World War 1 included the ideas of militarism, imperialism and nationalism within these countries. Although these were recurring causes, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 is what triggered the Great War. The first cause is the idea of militarism - beliefs of increasing a nation's military strength as the best way to expand the nation's power in the world - started spreading in Europe in the late 18th…show more content…
Imperialism is when a stronger country controls a weaker country for its own benefit. During the late 18th century and early 19th century, a lot of the countries in Europe were attempting to gain control over new and different regions. These far away lands provided the modern raw materials needed to increase the industrialization within a country. The industrialization level of a country went hand in hand with Imperialism. The more technological advances a country had, the more raw materials that they needed. Every country's goal was to be first and to be the best. A very advanced country in modern technology - an example being Britain - the more land/resources they needed to stay number one. The competition between the European countries over territories and trade around the world created intense tension in Europe. This was a large cause of WWI because it was worldwide race to get the most land and/or…show more content…
Nationalism is a severe feeling beyond patriotism, it is that one's own nation must obtain a greater place in the world. This caused a huge pride problem in Europe. Nationalism was linked to the event that started it all. This event being the assassination of the leader of Austria-Hungary in 1914. The leader was Archduke Ferdinand, next in line to be king. He was assassinated by a group of Serbians who were desperate for Serbia to be the best. This secret group thought that by killing the Archduke, they could restore Serbia to its former glory because the Austria-Hungary empire had destroyed Serbia and everything it stood for. Instead of restoring Serbia, it launched an all out war. The alliances that the European countries had with each other (Triple Entente and Triple Alliance) really made this event a bigger deal than it actually was. All of this was caused by over eager patriots who really wanted their country to be the absolute best. That is why nationalism is such a key role in the War of the World's. The pride of a country was out valued by the lives within the

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