World War 1 Tension Essay

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World War I was a very violent and unnecessary war that killed millions and left more wounded. There were many events leading up to it and various tensions throughout the European continent beforehand. Many factors led to the start of World War 1 but the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, alliances, and the creation of large of armies made the war come to fruition. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to Austria-Hungary throne, was a prominent figure who was assassinated by Serbian nationalists in Sarajevo. This conflict started back when Austria-Hungary took some of Serbia’s lands and added them to their empire. Obviously, the Serbians weren’t too happy about this and sought to gain their land back. They wished to create their own independent country of “Yugoslavia”. Franz Ferdinand was…show more content…
Militarism is the creation and sustainment of a large military force. This force is usually oppressive and has a lot of power. In militarist states and countries, the military leaders usually wield more power than most government officials. It also creates the point of view that war and violence were the best way to end conflicts. Human nature is competition. We live solely to show our dominance over our fellow people, nation, and races. Countries have the same inclination to prove themselves. This leads to a clash of nations. When a country has a large military, they aren’t solely building it up for defense. If a country has a large military, it can be assumed that they are going to go on the offensive at some point. Otto Von Bismarck of Prussia is a good example. He unified the German states by creating a military state. His policy was “blood and iron”, which means that the best way to maintain a country is through military. This ideal was part of what caused Germany’s rise to the top in military power and what guided their military to be so successful in both World War I and World War
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