World War 1 Trench Short Story

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War Story I wake up thinking I’m in another nightmare, but then I realize it’s just another day in the trench. The smelling of mud and decays hits me like a bullet straight to the face. No matter how long I’ve been here. I’ll never get used to the stink. Trenches are long, narrow and curvy and it looks as if a giant snake has sleuthed through the battlefield. The presences of the dead seem to haunt me. Peaking over the no man’s land to find waves of the dead after the last bloodbath. The feasting crows, enjoying their meal while watching and waiting for us to turn into their next meal. Which we’ll probably be sooner or later, but I can’t give up hope, for my wife Mary is waiting for me to return home. But as we prepare to strike, the world…show more content…
Charging toward to enemies, looking for covers in holes. The feeling of death surrounds me as I’m running. I felt a rushing bullet flew pass my face. Strangely, I managed to escape death. Hiding in cover in a little hole about a few metres, just deep enough to hide me from the rain of bullets. I quickly glance, hoping to find another hole I can hop into while doing the next run. My luck seems to be on point, as I happen to spot a lone 20 metres in front of me. Timing seems to be everything. Knowing when to run and knowing when to hide. All the Germans are still hiding in their trenches, using it as an advantage. My instinct kicks in and I know it’s time to make the run. As I get up I lose track of time and quickly dolphin dive into the hole without a scratch and the sky starts to whistle. ‘TAKE COVER!!’ a man shouted out. BOOM! The ground next to me explodes; my ears are ringing, and vision’s blurred as I’m thrown toward another hole. The world’s colour fades away, identical to paint flushing down the drain. All the sound in the world seems to be muted again. Then all my senses hit me back altogether at once. Feels like I’ve just come back from the dead. I then decide to take a quick peak out the hole, grasping a split second of flash
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