World War 1 Vs Ww2 Research Paper

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World War I and World War II were the largest military conflicts in history. They both involved powerful nations, such as America, England, France, and Soviet Union. The World War I was fought for acquiring colonies, and the World War II was fought for ideologies, such as Fascism and Communism. World War I and World War II were two wars that plundered people 's freedom. During the World War I, the reduction of "Civil Liberties" was more significant on the citizens. Controversially, in the World War II, the immigrants were impacted more. These two wars and their eras have their own significance and they were beneficial to different groups of people. If there must be a change during the two wars, it must be the shift of civil liberties.…show more content…
In the War World I, the government established the Espionage act and the Sedition act. These acts gave penalties to people who opposed the war or people who tried to convince others to oppose the war. The penalties was 20 years imprisonment and fines up to 10000 dollars for those convicted. Citizens, such as Charles Schenck and Eugene V. Debs were arrested. In the course of Charles Shenck, the Supreme Court refused to admit that the government had violated the first amendment rights by saying the first amendment didn 't protect speech that encouraged insubordination. The truth was, the Congress had violated hugely on citizens ' freedom of speech and freedom of press. The Government also tried to force people support the War by creating mass amounts of propagandas. When the first red scare flamed out during the World War I, agents would illegally entered and searched people 's houses. Innocent Americans were arrested and jailed. World War II had more racial discrimination on the European immigrants and Japanese Americans. As the second Red Scare came, the communism hysteria flamed out again and in the same time, it brought

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