World War 1 Weapons

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Boom! Bang! All of a sudden a bomb drops from the sky, killing you and your family. World War 1 killed many families. Families died from many different kinds of weapons. There were only two main alliances in the war. There are many causes of World War 1. There were many causes of the destruction of World War 1. From 1870-1871, war between two of the world’s major powers resulted in a change of balance in Europe. Germany, led by the king of Prussia, defeated France and annexed the French provinces Alsace and Lorraine. As a result, there was a powerful German Empire and the Prussian king was made emperor. In 1871 France sought control to regain control of Alsace and Lorraine. 1894 the French Republic formed an alliance with the Russian Empire. During the peace, over the next 40 years, the major powers of Europe all competed to build bigger armies than their rivals. In 1904, Britain negotiated an entente…show more content…
Rifles is one of the weapons used in World War 1. Standard rifle of the British army during World War 1 was the Lee-Enfield .303 (a variety of the weapon used by the army since 1902) could hold ten bullets every magazine. German infantry was issued with the Gewehr 98 (a rifle with with bolt action) ill-suited for the conditions on the Western Front. Barb wire was originally devised to corral cattle in the American West, barbed wire became a deadly defensive weapon one the Western Front during World War 1. It snagged on equipment and clothing, slowing attackers, who were prime targets for snipers as they tried to disentangle themselves. Machine Guns were another weapon used in World War 1. The American Hiram Maxim had invented the gun that bore his name in 1884. Germany’s standard heavy machine gun, the Maschinengewehr 08, derived from the Maxim and could spit out 400 rounds per minute. The British machine gun was the Vickers machine gun, which could shoot 450-500 bullets per
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