World War 1 Women's Rights Essay

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Wasila Boussari History Mr. Lyons June 17 2016 All women should have rights. Since a time farther then the history textbooks show, women have fought for their freedom against their attacker. Their attacker is society, and those who believe a girl is just an object, a maid, a trophy to be flaunted. Still, it is only taught, their fight, at the beginning of World War 1. During the time period of World War 1, and many years after, Women were considered unequal to their husband’s. Women faced systemic discrimination and social injustice because of their gender. During World War 1 women faced oppression politically, economically, and socially. This essay will demonstrate the subjection women had to face. Socially they were confined,…show more content…
1927 jury duty reform act, woman can serve in juries. In 1979 Anti- discrimination Humans Right Act, this changed the wording of provincial legislations to protect rights of women and other groups. In 1917, September 20th, military voters act given to women with close relatives in the war or nurses for their right to vote. In 1917, April, British Columbia women gained right to vote in provincial elections. In 1918, April 26th, Nova Scotia women were given the right to vote and hold public office. On April 27th, 1919 British Columbia women were given the right to vote in provincial elections. In 1920, Dominion Elections Act, uniform franchise establish, right to be elected parliament. In 1921 Agnes McPhail is the first women elected to the House of Commons. In 1940, April 25th, Quebec women gain right to vote. In 1951, the first female Mayor of Ottawa, was Charlotte Whitton. In 1970, report 167 recommendations amide to give women equal rights as men. Still to this day women are fighting constantly for their rights. There right to be considered equal, there right to be looked at as not just an object of appeal, but as a strong independent woman. Who is capable of doing anything she puts her mind too, one who does need society to tell her how she can look, act, and speck, but for society to except who she is, and understand she is a human. A human who dissevers the
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