World War 2 Cause And Effect Essay

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Today, America is one of the world 's great superpowers and has an amazing economy. America was not always that way, and not too long ago it used to be in a time of great depression. It was going to take a huge event to turn the economy around. Luckily, america had a war brewing that was going to spark an outburst of income, jobs, and business. This war was called World War Two and it had many causes and effects on america. The main cause of this gruesome war was when Hitler ( Germany 's power hungry leader) began to invade countries near Europe. Fearing another war europe did nothing until they heard news that Hitler suddenly attacking poland, one of their allies. Even tho hitler claimed it was merely an act of defense europe did not believe it and and declared war. (“Germans invade Poland”) America decided to sit on the sidelines while the war was fought because of the previous war that accomplished nothing at all and costed many american lives. After most of Europe was destroyed by germany, Japan decided it need to expand its territory. After launching a surprise attack on the us Pearl harbor naval base America entered the war against Japan and the Natzis. One of the many ways the major world war 2…show more content…
Women played a major role in helping the american economy in ww2. For Example Women filled the shoes of the men that left to serve in the military in world war 2. They did this by filling in position in mostly factory work. While most women after the war went back to not working and helping around the house, some loved working in the factories and stayed and worked. Still being not as equal as men, women worked for not nearly the price of men in which businesses took advantage of. Overall the women Overall women helped support and keep the economy going during these precious war times. (The American Economy during
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