World War 2 Technological Advancement Essay

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As evident in the Great War technological advancements are synonymous with global conflict. Therefore, World War II is no different and produced an unprecedented level of new technology. This essay is going to expound on some of the advancements of WWII, and how the ultimately brought an end to the largest most devastating war the world has ever seen. Many of the new technologies created throughout the war were in direct response to an adversarial advancement. World War II is considered to be the first conflict that air superiority was a must. This in turn caused both the Allies and Axis powers to constantly evolve aircraft to more effectively wage war. Consequently, if it was not for air superiority the Battle of Britain may have ended differently. Further, naval battles also were prevalent throughout the war and therefore advancements with ships, specifically aircraft carriers. It was aircraft carriers that gave tactical advantage that won many of the battles in the Pacific theater. This was primarily because of the air superiority gained by the amount of aircrafts carried on such vessels. Further, the advancements of radar and sonar were indispensable while defending from German U-boats.…show more content…
Specifically, the largest advancement came in the form of Americas Manhattan project and the atomic bomb. While it is still debated whether or not Japan would have surrendered regardless of the atomic bombs being dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945, ultimately they were the final act that brought unconditional surrender. In conclusion, there are many examples of technological advancements throughout the war. Some advancements of the war were small, while others had the capability to decimate entire cities. What is certain is that the nations who focused on advancing war technologies successfully were in favor of wining decisive

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