World War I: Technological Advances In Trench Warfare

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World War I changed the course of battle with the breakthrough of newly developed machines of war that not only altered the course of the war but how the future would be fought. The most revolutionary technological advancement that was developed during the war was the immensely armored and nearly indestructible tank. The tank became a significant factor which allowed various competitors to destroy each other at a rapid pace with its highly engineered skeletal structure and its ability to increase the armies mobility across the Western Front. The tank underwent continual improvement, and various models were developed such as, ‘Little Willie’ and ‘Big Willie’. Each newly engineered model was constructed in the hopes of becoming more effective and efficient and being able to withstand the constant bombardment from enemy lines. The tank was able to stand up against the constant attacks by small firearms and continue attacking the front regardless of shell fragments. They had the ability to maneuver the rough terrain that often slowed down the soldiers. Tanks ended the stalemate of trench warfare which raged on for an intensively long period of time without either side making a significant advancement against each other.…show more content…
However, the tank was without a doubt the best technological advancement during World War I because without it trench warfare would have become a never ending nuisance for soldiers of both opposing forces and the casualties by the end of the war would most likely have doubled. The invention of the tank changed the very nature of World War I and completely altered how future wars would be

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