World War I: The Four Causes Of The Great War

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World war I also known as “The Great War” was one of the most brutal wars in U.S history. What made the war so brutal was horrible combinations of acquainted militaries using modern technology. This war was the first ever war to use airplanes, tanks, gas, all these led to thousands of people getting killed.World War I had many cause that started this gruesome war. The first warfare was an instantaneous results of these four main causes, however it had been triggered by the assassination of the Austrian prince Francis Ferdinand and his woman. The assassination passed off on Gregorian calendar month twenty eight, 1914 and also the initial warfare began directly once in August 1914. Gavrilo Princip was the assassin and was a European nation revolutionary.Militarism…show more content…
As every country's alliances became concerned then those alliance's alliances became concerned, the war grew to comprehend the complete world.Imperialism is that the gathering of colonies and within the Nineties, several countries that had not had several colonies set that they needed to possess additional colonies. This junction rectifier to a world competition for land. Imperialism may be seen as a number one explanation for WWI as a result of it created tension and competition between nations, helped the Balkan crisis, and really created WWI a “world” war. In Europe competition between nations was intense and plenty of nations seeked to be the most effective and strongest. Imperialism was quite competitive between nations and caused accrued tension in Europe. as an example throughout the warfare United Kingdom and France brazenly opposed Russian imperialization. United Kingdom and Russia conjointly visited war over Asian nation throughout the “Great Game” due to Afghanistan’s politics

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