World War II And 9/11 Analysis

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After many years, both attacks on September 11th and December 7th are still important events that impacted the United States. On September 9th, 2001 there was an unknown for attack on the United States. The fact that it was very out of the blue, the United States were frightened, they seemed to be at peace with many parts around the world. As soon as the attackers hit the North Tower, the Government went into action. NYPD and FDNY forces were sent to the World Trade Center. After the South Tower is hit the FAA banned all flights to New York City. Once it was clear that it was a terrorist attack on the United States, President Bush announces it. By 10:30 in the morning, both towers collapsed. The tragedy on 9/11 was and still is a Memorial Day,…show more content…
America was greatly impacted by both. Besides the fact that many innocent lives of loved ones were lost, there was much more. Years following December 7th, war was declared and the birth of World War II began. World War II involved more than 30 countries overall. The War lasted about six years, ending up in 1945, when both the Nazi and Japanese were defeated. In addition, the attack on 9/11 had around the same change. The Government invaded Iraq and went after Osama Bin Laden, then finally killed him in May of 2011. Following both the attacks the economy was majorly impacted as well. Before the date of December 7th, the United States had already had an unstable stock market since the Great Depression. On top of all the major impacts that occurred in the 1920s and a little later, the attack on Pearl Harbor did the most. There economical changes also went on and affected some other foreign countries. The attack made huge physical damage, costing the United States lots of money. Following the attack on September 11th, there was defense spending, which led to debt in the U.S. The debt came from “War on Terror”, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both wars lasted between five to nine years. Since most of the money was going into the wars there was less money for things that would help uplift our country. All and all the high amounts of deaths after this tremendous attack overall raised insurance prices.…show more content…
The eyes of many people were open, they came to the realization that America too is a “vulnerable” country and anyone is at risk. In an article from World Religion News, a quote from a college named Matthew Schmalz is stated, “We had this sense of specialness and invulnerability that 9/11 shattered.” After many years of believing that they were safest in the United States rather than other countries, it all changed on September 11th. The United States had and has been the most religiously diverse nation; besides some superiority of different religions, but 9/11 helped many people to accept it more openly. There was also a growth in the interest of Islamic beliefs. Following that also came the bash on other Muslims and Islamics, as they were seen to be “evil” or were a little in question. It was then noticed that Islam itself means “submission to the world of God”, leading to the belief that the attackers might have felt superiority over religions in the U.S. Then came the impact to those of who do not believe in any religion, atheist. On the whole, it gave atheist more of a reason to not follow any certain
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