How Did Joseph Stalin Rule

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World War II was a crucial time in history, where dictators rose to power and promised to bring a change to their country, through tough love and intimidation. A prime example of a dictator who was all about these principles was Joseph Stalin. A man who made his name through instilling fear into the hearts of those who crossed his path. Joseph Stalin grew up poor and didn't have much. .It’s fair to say he indeed had a harsh childhood, and you would think that a man who had that kind of upbringing would not be so desensitized to the rest of his people, however, that was not the case. Stalin was very cold and had no remorse in his heart whatsoever. He ruled with an iron fist and did not like to share his power. However, others would disagree…show more content…
One way he made sure of that was by using propaganda. Stalin ran a Totalitarian state, which deprived people of a free way of living. Under no circumstances did he allow people to critic the way he ran things because if they did they were to be executed or even arrested by his secret police. To control his people, Stalin used terror and violence. In severe circumstances, murder or brutal force was even used. He ordered the secret police to intimidate and spy on civilians. The secret police were also able to monitor telephone lines, read letters, and plant informers everywhere. Children would even tell authorities about remarks made about Stalin at home. Stalin also controlled every aspect of the education system and controlled the minds of the young people through Indoctrination. This form of control was also encouraged in youth groups. Nobody’s free speech was safe, as the government discouraged free speech and fed tons of propaganda. Stalin only allowed media that glorified his country and emphasized his power. Joseph Stalin was a nasty villain, whose fire was fed by the hardships and disapproval of those around him. Calling him a Hero would be far from the truth, as he presents no qualities that could deserve him such a magnificent title. In the dictionary, a hero is described as a person who is praised for outstanding achievements and outstanding courage. If deliberately killing off an entire class of people and making people fear you instead of working with you fit the criteria of a hero, then clearly someone needs to change the

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