World War II: The Greatest Generation

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The Greatest Generation is defined as the generation that grew up during the Great Depression, fought in World War 2, and came home to build the world’s strongest economy. They used the values they learned through their experiences to raise strong families. They learned important values such as hard work, determination, and the importance of money. Other values like trust, compassion, sacrifice, and strength through adversity defined their lifestyle as well. They earned the title of the Greatest Generation by their ability to recover from the Great Depression, their sacrifice for the sparing of the world from tyranny during World War 2, and their contribution to the construction of one of the greatest countries of the world.
Being born in the
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The United States went from being an isolationist country to one that changed the world through its resources and willingness to fight with the Allies. It also helped the United States’ economy to recover because so many people were able to find work and all focus was on winning the war. There was determination on the front lines as well as on the homefront. Gender roles were shattered and women were crucial to the winning of the war. While few enlisted, many were working in factories and took on the secretarial jobs needed to run an army. Everyone stepped up to the job without question and were willing to serve even if it ultimately meant their death. One of the most notable attacks was the attack on Normandy known as Operation Overlord. Thousands of vehicles, ships, and airplanes were involved and millions of men and women were involved in the planning and executing the risky attack in Normandy. Although it cost many lives, their sacrifice was not in vain, the success of the attack on D-Day eventually led to victory on the Eastern Front because it allowed Allied troops to have a foothold into German controlled territory ( Staff, 2010). D-Day did not mark the end of the war but rather the beginning of the end. There was still a long road to Berlin with resistance that became heavier as they came closer to the capitol. Work at the home front became very efficient and the men and women working at…show more content…
Since this is a qualitative question instead of a quantitative one it can be defined many different ways. Some might say that in order for a generation to be great, they must improve their world in some way. Others might say they must come together for a common cause. Others still could define a generation as great by their focus on equal rights for all. The generation that grew up during the Great Depression and fought in World War 2 was able to do every single one of these things and prove that they are in fact the greatest generation. While other generations had breakthroughs in equality and improved the world around them, no generation has done what the Greatest Generation had been able to
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