World War II: Turning Points In Modern History

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World War II is arguably one of the most influential points in modern history. It was a huge turning point for every single country involved in it. The war resulted in a number of different things for each country. There were many costs from World War II. They were things that damaged the countries financially, and emotionally. As history has come to show us time and time again, there’s no such thing as a good war. With Hitler in power, and Germany taking over, World War II damaged many places all around. By the end of it, most countries that participated, had to spend a lot of time just trying to recover. One of the first things that people associate WWII with was the Holocaust. This is one of the biggest prices with that War. In the end, the Germans had managed to exterminate over Six Million Jews, homosexuals, and disabled people. The worst part was that it was solely for the reason that Hitler believed they were not needed because of their genes or qualities.…show more content…
The US alone, due them assisting other countries, spent over 3.4 billion dollars by 1945. Over all, there was a total of about a trillion dollars spent by everyone in the war. Many countries were left in debt, some in poverty, and others were fine. The war ended with a total of 60 million people dead on both sides, so there really was not good side to that. Some would say that the second World War would also be the beginning factor to lead up to the Cold War, with the USSR’s initial distrust of the US. With Nuclear weapons for the both of them, many people were forced to pick between communism and
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