World War In The Philippines Essay

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The Philippines, discovered by Ferdinand Magellan, first experienced invasion when Miguel Lopez de legazpi’s expedition arrived on February 13, 1565 from Mexico. He established the first permanent settlement in Cebu. Back then, the Spain took hold of the leadership in the Philippines.

The Philippines was under the Spaniards colonization for a long time. This started the Philippine Revolution against Spain that had begun in August 1896. This was because of the discovery of the anti-colonial secret organization called Katipunan. It was a liberationist movement led by Andres Bonifacio who aims to be independent from the 350 years of colonial control from Spain. The Spain was defeated after the battle of Manila Bay. It was when they declared the philippine independence and the establishment of the Republic of the Philippines.

Another World War that had a major impact on the country was the World War 2. The then so-called Commonwealth of the Philippines was attacked by the Empire of Japan on December 08, 1941. During that time, the United States of the Philippines was controlling the Philippines and had already possessed military bases in the country. During this times, a lot of women were raped and locked inside the houses. A lot of
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Is the Philippines ready for it? If we ask the government, are they ready for a possible world war 3? With our situation with China, it is not impossible that they will attack us at any given time. With what is happening to North Korea, it is not impossible that they might start the war. All the other issues in other countries like in Syria where they used chemical weapons against civilians and the ongoing war with Yemen against US and Saudi Arabia, even with our country with all this anti-drug campaigns, and China claiming an island that the we believed that is ours, world war 3 might actually already started without us all

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