World War One Impact On The American Foreign Policy Dbq

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World War I also had a huge impact on the American foreign policy. The U.S. was isolated but came out of isolationism to join the war. “... Neutrality is no longer feasible or desirable where the peace of the world is involved and the freedom of its peoples…” (Document 4). In his speech, President Woodrow Wilson was telling the U.S. that we were joining the war because he wanted to keep peace in the world for democracies and their people. Another way WWI changed the U.S. foreign policy was by getting attacked and fighting back, taking us out of isolationism. The political cartoon depicted in Document 3 was of a U.S. ship sinking from a German U-boat (Document 3). The U.S. ship was named “Patience” showing the lessening patience the U.S.
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