World War One Monologue

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They say world war one had a big impact on families, well this is how it impacted on my mine. When my dad left for the war I thought I would never see him again. I had been crying for a half-an-hour, and now it was time for him to go. I gave him the biggest hug I have ever gave to anyone and he said to me “I will be back don’t worry, I love you bumble bee”. Bumble bee was his nickname for me, and hearing it for, for what I thought would be the last time, brought me in a river of tears. My little sister, who is two years old, she didn’t know what was going on she just thought dad was going to work. She is always sad when dad leaves but today I said “don’t worry Salie, daddy is going away for a little while but then he will be back”, or at least I hope so.

It was a 3½ years since dad left I was still sad we haven’t heard from him in 3 months. We hoped he was alive, but I was so afraid that he was gone forever. After Humphrey, dad, left mom, Lilium, took over his job in munitions factory. Lilium made gun shells, explosives, aircraft and other materials that supplied the war at the front,which was dangerous and repetitive work because they were constantly around and encased in toxic fumes as well as handling dangerous machinery
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It has been 5 months since dad had gone MIA (missing in action). Mom is the kind of person who doesn’t give up hope, i 'm the opposite of that. I don’t know where it comes from but all I can think about is “he’s gone, i 'm never going to see him again”. I keep on remembering the last time we we’re face to face was the day he left for the war 4 years ago. Now that it ended I thought he was coming home, but when we got the message that said he was MIA I lost hope. Mom is trying to find a job and I have a job at the new restaurant. Mom takes care of Salie, while I go to
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