World War Z And The Walking Dead Analysis

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Zombies truly are the absolute pinnacle of human creation, imbued with many endearing attributes. Recently, it has surfaced that society has an ingrained fascination with these friendly ghouls, which has infected popular culture. But surely this media is just fictitious entertainment and is not truly literature. However, in World War Z and The Walking Dead, where zombies are depicted as undead beings with an affinity for flesh and brains, the zombie apocalypse is used to criticise humanity’s faults and foibles.

The media industry has fed society’s hunger for the simulation of a desolated world, overrun with zombies, with the exception of a typically handsome protagonist. To what extent is this genre, through different mediums, a piece of literature. Literature generally contains a central idea or critique of society, which attempts to answer the essential questions of our existence is this world and time. World War Z is a veritable feast of criticism of our nature. Jerry, unphased by the multitude of life threatening experiences throughout this film, suggests that he is more concerned with appearance than his survival. Even a mere plane crash cannot kill him let alone ruffle his appearance. In times of crisis people revert to their default actions, forcing a consideration of the minor details which would perhaps would not be
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It simulates how would people react to not just their demise, but the demise of the human race, used as a worst case scenario that could threaten humanity, which allows us to philosophise about our human reaction and potential to survive. It elicits fear of losing our rational mind, alongside their savage determination and mob behaviour. Even in dire circumstances people are subject to greed and mindless self-preservation. This alludes to a self preservation mechanism which distorts reality that we cannot

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