World War Z Book Comparison

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When comparing Max Brooks’ novel World War Z and the movie World War Z, it is clear to see that there are numerous similarities and differences. Each story revolves around a zombie outbreak that originated in a single person and spread across the world, but there are unquestionably more differences. To begin, the overall plot is almost completely altered. They are quite unique because of the setup; the book contains individual perspectives from people around the world, while the movie only focuses on Brad Pitt’s experiences. Another difference is the endings; the movie finds a solution, and the book just copes with the zombie problem. Although these two works share a title and some main ideas, it is obvious that the few similarities they have do not make them the same story. It is evident that both productions are about zombies, and that is their main focus. In the book, Bohdan Taras Kondratiuk describes the zombie outbreak by saying, “Panic shot through the crowd. You could see it like a wave, like a current of electricity. People started screaming, trying to push forward, back, into one another. Dozens were jumping into the water with heavy clothes and shoes that prevented them from…show more content…
Although they each focus on zombie outbreaks, the storylines are extremely unalike. In addition to the storylines, the setup, the counties’ reactions, and the way the problem is resolved make them opposites. The way the story is documented in the book makes it seem more realistic when compared to the movie. The way each country is portrayed in the book is different than the movie, and this also plays into the the practicality of the book. The books begin with a patient zero, but end in extremely altered ways. Even Max Brooks agrees that the only thing these two stories may have in common is a
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