World War's Effects On America

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World War ll had affected the countries who were involved and affected everyone around them. The citizens of America wanted isolationism but Woodrow Wilson had another idea and Japan had other ideas of their own as well. By the time World War ll was over Europe had lost a lot and Japan/Asia had regained most of what they had lost. America wanted to go back into isolationism but Woodrow Wilson went against that by signing the power treaty which led to him not winning the election but also tied America to other countries including Germany and Japan. In 1941, Japan had entered United States territory and dropped a bomb on Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii that killed over 1000 crew members from the United States Armed Forces, that had then later been one of the causes leading to the Second World War.…show more content…
Many of the veterans that had fought in the war faced unemployment when coming home. Europe depended on trade for its prosperity. Over 10 million acres of farmland was destroyed, 20 thousand factories were out of use, and 6 thousand buildings were destroyed all because of the war. Japan’s surrender at the end of World War ll led to a series of social and political transformations in East Asia. Japan experienced rapid economic growth becoming one of the most powerful economies in the world by
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